coBALT, the new generation DMC in the Nordic and Baltic countries

Dedicated to travel professionals, coBALT is there to make all your ideas come true!

Our team has gathered and concentrated all its experience gained over the years in international projects to accompany you, from conception to realization in Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia as well as in Stockholm and Helsinki.

Attentive to the smallest details, our tailor-made and personalized offers are thought out and designed as effective tools for rapid takeover by agencies and project managers. Available and responsive, coBALT adapts with ease to the different approaches, methods and sometimes constraints of the partners we work with.

All our energy is put at the service of creating a serene remote working environment with the agencies, in order to develop with each and every one, a relationship of trust and mutual respect to ensure perfect cohesion, essential for the success of the operations.

Between pristine nature

coBALT DMC connects you to the farthest reaches of Europe, on an arc stretching from Copenhagen to Helsinki, passing through Stockholm, Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn. These are resolutely modern capitals that are completely integrated into an immense wild territory made up of majestic forests dotted with lakes and rivers, bogs perfumed with moss, peat and mushrooms, but also beaches and islands buffeted by the winds of the Baltic Sea.


And digital capitals

coBALT gives you the keys to understanding this region of Europe, located less than 3 hours away by plane, which has long been forgotten, but to which all eyes are now turned.
These 6 countries have taken full advantage of their integration into the European Union to develop an economy based on innovation through the use of digital technologies and to attract entrepreneurs behind some of the continent’s most prominent start-ups (Bolt, Skype, Vinted, Wise, Wolt, Spotify and Revolut to name but a few).

Baltic and Nordic experiences

Régate sur la baltique
Déjeuner gastronomique dans le bog
Dégustation de bières artisanales

Presentation of our digital offers

Your time is precious, so is ours! We have developed a maximum number of tools to give your projects the best possible chance against your competitors. Interactive PowerPoint presentations with a maximum of technical descriptions, customised Google Maps for optimal visualisation of locations and distances, image galleries, a lot of content on your social networks to share with your clients and customised quotations made with tools developed in-house.

Includes a programme with visuals and descriptions.

Summarising line by line all the services and the different options.

To help you find your way around the places we offer.

coBALT brings you closer to the women and men who shape these spaces

Each one has its own story, its own ideas and its own vision of the world to share with you. We are determined to participate in an ethical and concrete way to build a tourism that respects the territories, the local populations and their way of life. We believe that tourism is an instrument of peace, promotion of exchanges and cooperation, which creates a positive social impact.




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