coBALT is a new agency created by Tourism for good, a project born from the association of Frédéric ROMAN-HAUDUROY, Nicolas MARTY and Olivier ROMAN who have more than 50 years of cumulative experience in the MICE field.

Nathalie LAMBERT manages the Danish  and Swedish operations from our office in Copenhagen.


Whether you are a business travel agency, a luxury travel agency, an events agency, a professional travel agency or a company, your priority is the same as ours: to enrich human capital through memorable experiences and international encounters that open the mind.

In a changing world of more attentive consumption and proximity, our team’s desire is to bring you simple, yet exciting solutions. The destinations we highlight are connected, full of ideas and committed to the preservation of their terroirs. To access the new, there is no need to travel the globe when dynamic and refreshing territories are at your fingertips and have much to teach.


Nous aimons vous surprendre et être force de proposition. Nous sortons du cadre et repoussons les limites dans l’idée de concevoir le projet le plus adapté à vos besoins. S’engager à nos côtés, c’est la possibilité d’accéder aux meilleurs réseaux culturels, économiques et politiques sur nos destinations. C’est notre marque de fabrique.

We like to surprise you and be a force of proposal. We think outside the box and push the limits in order to design the project best suited to your needs. Working with us gives you access to the best cultural, economic and political networks in our destinations. This is our trademark.

Our TEam

Baltic States and Sweden


Originally from Normandy, he loves the sea, the wind, nature and wide open spaces. It is therefore quite natural that he feels in his element with the Baltic and Nordic countries. He is keen to share with you these little-known but inspiring destinations for building the world of tomorrow.

It was during his studies in international development that Clément turned his gaze towards the East and fell under the spell of Central Europe and China.

In 2015, he joined the STEP’IN sales and marketing office in Prague. Thus, Clément discovered the world of business tourism, which perfectly met his desire to travel and meet new people. The DMC was then operating in Mongolia and had just opened China. The circle was complete.

For the past 6 years, he has contributed with Frédéric ROMAN-HAUDUROY to the opening of new destinations such as Hong Kong and Uzbekistan. Versatile, he manages projects from the thinking phase to the coordination of the operation on the ground and participates in the commercial operations of STEP’IN. His attention to detail is a quality highly appreciated by agencies and his geeky side allows him to always integrate the latest technologies in his presentations.

In 2021, he continues the adventure with coBALT in the company of Nathalie, Olivier, Nicolas and Frédéric.

Denmark and Sweden

Nathalie LAMBERT

Born in Quebec, but living in Copenhagen for more than half of her life, Nathalie loves her green city where cycling is the order of the day and nature is just three pedal strokes away!
After graduating from HEC Montréal, a student exchange program brought her to Denmark, and it was love at first sight! In love with this western region of the Baltic, she now knows all its nooks and crannies and its little secrets.

“In January 2000, on the occasion of the new millennium, I was offered a dream job and I have been pursuing this dream with you for over 20 years. I still feel the pleasure of seeing your vision come true, perhaps even more so today.”

Nathalie is specialised in Denmark and Sweden in incentives, study tours, conferences, product launches and luxury travel for individuals or upscale small groups . In 2021, she joined the coBALT team alongside Clément, Olivier, Nicolas & Frédéric.









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